Arnold Kroch


Title: Owner of Kroch & Brentano’s
Apparent Age: 48
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180lbs


The owner of Kroch & Brentano’s is a mysterious but valued man to the Kindred of Chicago. He seems to know all about kindred but has never posed a threat to the masquerade and provides a very valuable service to the cities kindred. He claims to be the grandson of Anton Kroch, the founder of the bookstore, but many of the cities elder Cainites claim that he looks exactly like his father and grandfather did. This has led to many theories as to what Arnold might be. The most popular theories are that he is a ghoul to an unknown elder sleeping somewhere beneath the city or that he is a human mage who has discovered the elixirs of eternal life. Most kindred don’t seem to press the matter too heavily, and Kroch is not talking. Arnold is quite the scholar and is at the bookstore most of the time providing help to any who ask. His knowledge of his collection is quite extensive and he claims to read every book before it goes on sale in his store.

Arnold Kroch

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