Clan: Gangrel
Born: Unknown
Apparent age: 35
Height: 6’
Weight: 180


Basic Information
The legendary kindred archeologist and Noddist, Beckett, has appeared in Chicago. He is the Vampire behind the release of the Book of Nod in 1992 and the Erciyes Fragments 10 years later. He is outspoken in his denial of Caine’s existence having stated “If a first of our kind existed at all he has long since turned to dust, along with the antediluvians for that matter.” What he is doing in Chicago remains a mystery but as Beckett loves to talk it won’t remain a mystery for long.
Beckett has few known associations in Chicago but most have heard of him and he is not afraid of walking up to anyone and asking them questions. He has been seen frequently going in and out of Maxwell House.
Known Hangouts
Museums, Colleges, and anywhere research can be done is a common place for him. He can also frequently be found in kindred hangouts starting up conversation.


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