Elizabeth Fontanne

Nosferatu Primogen


Clan: Nosfuratu
Title: Primogen
Born: 1895
Apparent Age: ?
Hieght: 5’6”
Weight: 105lbs


Basic Information

Elizabeth Fontanne, a Chicago Native, was an up and coming actress in the early age of cinema. At the end of 1915 she was cast in the lead role of a movie about Elizabeth Bathory and filming was set to begin in January of 1916. She went home for Christmas 1915 to visit her family but never returned to Hollywood. To this day she has not found the Nosfuratu that took her beauty and her career from her. Despite all this, Elizabeth is a skilled politician and has become the most powerful Nosfuratu in Chicago. Rumor has it she will give an unimaginably valuable reward to the one who finds her sire.


New to the council, Elizabeth has no known allies on it. Before becoming Primogen she spent most of her time with other Nosfuratu. It is likely that she will branch out. She is unique in that she is the only Primogen to never have sired.

Known Hangouts

The Nosfuratu keep their underground lair well
hidden and few outside the clan know how to find them.

The Opinions of Others

Sebastion Busch – Toreador Primogen: “…Who…?”
Janice A. Eldred – Ravnos Primogen: “I wonder what the prize is for finding her sire?”
Leopold – Tremere Primogen: “I have never worked so closely with one of her clan before. It is…enlightening.”
Valor VonT. – Malkavian Primogen: “Her eyebrows are significantly less distracting than Freddie’s. Maybe we can finally get some work done”

Elizabeth Fontanne

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