Tzimice Primogen/ Archbishop of the Sabbat


Clan: Tzimice
Title: Primogen/Archbishop
Born: Unknown
Apparent Age: 25
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180


Basic Information

Little is known about the Sabbat Archbishop of Chicago. She keeps her packs in line for the most part. She has recently gained a place on the Primogen council, not just for Clan Tzimisce, but as a representative of the Sabbat as a whole in Chicago She claims that she wants to play ball with the new Prince and Primogen and that she is only looking out for the best interests of her clan and followers.


She mostly keeps to her own but has established communication with some of the Primogen to gain support. Her known contacts on the council are Grolfnar, and Amelia. She is disliked by Magdelena and even openly opposed by Sebastian. Most of the Harpies find her presence distasteful and alarming.

Known Hangouts

The Archbishop spends most of her time amongst the Sabbat of the city. She usually feeds with them but has been known to go off to high end clubs to feed on her own from time to time. Friday nights she can usually be found at Exit for there “Bondage A Go Go” night.

The Opinions of Others

Leon StPierre – Prince: “She’s handling her pack very well. If it’s a cover, it’s a very good one…Still, I think we’d be wise to keep an eye out.”
Leopold – Tremere Primogen: “When I agreed to take this position, I was unaware of the involvement of her kind…”
Amelia Paola – Lasombra Primogen: “I like her. I like her attitude, the way she handles things. I’d probably join up with her…if they didn’t get so damned preachy. I get enough of that from William.”
Valor VonTungsten – Malkavian Primogen: “I dunno, people say she’s creepy, but frankly my siblings are way worse. Her Childe, though…Some interesting things happening there. The Sabbat? Better than the Lancea Sanctum-” snrk.