Grolfnar Ericson

Gangrel Primogen


Clan: Gangrel
Title: Primogen
Born: 1700
Apparent Age: 35
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 300lbs


Basic Information

Claiming to be a direct descendant of Eric the Red, Grolfnar has fully embraced his Viking heritage in his unlife. A loud and proud man, he commonly boasts about great fights he has had and is one of the few kindred in the city who has slain a lupine. He is a large man, standing over Six and a half feet tall, commonly seen on a motorcycle with a rather large wolf skull mounted on the front and carrying a sword. He is a truly intimidating presence. For a time he served as sheriff of Chicago until the previous Gangrel Primogen was slain by the D.A.


He and the former Sheriff, NightCourt reputedly battled and slew an ancient evil in the sewers of Chicago. He has no love for Janice who according to him “seems intent on annoying him at every opportunity”

Known Hangouts

When not riding around the forests that surround the greater Chicago area he can be found at his biker bar, The Great Hall.

The Opinions of Others

Leon St-Pierre – Prince: “I wish he was still the sheriff. The council is no place for a brute.”
Sebastian Busch – Toreador Primogen: “He looks like he belongs at the front of a metal band…..smells like it too”
Janice A. Eldred – Ravnos Primogen: “If he could look past the clan stereotypes he would realize we are not that different”
Valor VonTungsten – Malkavian Primogen: “Grolfnar Vainsson the Viking Description: Tall, blond, and grinning. Likes to drink and fight and drink and chase Viking women and fight and sail the high seas and raid. Wants to write great sagas about himself.
Clichés: Viking (4), Womanizer (2), Gambler (3), Poet (1)”
Jaque Strappe – Vagrant Prince of Chicago: “A furore normannorum libera nos domine” (“From the fury of the Northmen release us, O Lord!”)

Grolfnar Ericson

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