Tremere Primogen


Clan: Tremere
Title: Primogen
Born: Unknown
Apparent Age: 35
Hieght: 5’10”
Weight: 170lbs


Basic Information

One of the cities newest Primogen, he comes straight from the Tremere Prime Chantry in Vienna. He came to Chicago along with his sire, Grimgroth, to deal with the internal conflict, caused by the former primogen, Nadine. Grimgroth returned to Vienna with Nadine, and Leopold was made the new Tremere Primogen. Little is known about him but those who have met him say he is polite and knowledgeable. Local tremere say he has revamped and reorganized the Tremere fixing much of the mess left behind buy his predecessors. He claims to have extensive experience serving the Tremere across Europe.


Being new to the city Leopold have few Affiliations but he is quickly making allies.

Known Hangouts

Leopold spends most of at the Tremere chantry and can usually be found there.

The Opinions of Others

Sebastion Busch – Toreador Primogen: “Well he certainly doesn’t have Nadine’s sense of style. And what is with the mask?”
Grolfnar Ericson – Gangrel Primogen: “His appointment makes me distrust the Tremere even more. The entire Chicago Clan backed it. Why? What are they trying to achieve? Still he’s better than Nadine.”
Eve – Tzimisce Primogen: “Who am I to say if he’s right for the position or not? That’s up to his constituency. So far he seems to have things in hand, but I am no judge.”
Leon St. Pierre – Prince: “He has little interest in politics outside of his own clans concerns. This worries me more than it should.”
Valor – VonTungston Malkavian Primogen: “I think he’s secretly three different kindred. You’d never know, because he never takes off that damn mask. He’s so…so…EFFICIENT. It’s exasperating. I miss Nadine sometimes.”


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