Ventrue Primogen


Clan: Ventrue
Title: Primogen
Born: 1800
Apparent Age 25
Hieght: 5’9”
Weight: 140


Basic Information

Always at the cutting edge of style the newest Primogen use to be the most influential Harpy in Chicago and still carries significant influence in that reguard. She always keeps with the latest trends even so far as learning how to use the latest smartphones, tablets, and social media. Her skills learned has a Harpy could prove very dangerous on the Primogen council. She could become very prominent if careful with them or destroy herself if not.


Since becoming the Ventrue Primogen she has kept close ties with the remaining Harpies. Additionally she has been seen spending time with Sebastion, though it is not clear if it is to her preference or his.

Known Hangouts

She is always at all the big parties. On a night that does not have a party, she can be found at one of the city’s VIP clubs.

The Opinions of Others

Grolfnar Ericson – Gangrel Primogen: “Quite an eyeful! Eh, but she talks too much. It never ends!”
Leon St.Pierre – Prince: “Trustworthy, intelligent, and unafraid to speak her mind. But more importantly, she knows how to listen.”
Elizabeth Fontanne – Nosferatu Primogen: “The darling. How very lucky for her to have friends in such high places. But I’m sure she’ll do fine.”
Val VonT – Malkavian Primogen: “I swear the Ventrue in this city have just become one giant blur, they’re changing places so fast. I can’t keep up, and I used to be one.”


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