Throws the best Parties


Clan: Malkavian
Born: Unknown
Apparent age: 50
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160


Basic Information
Every Kindred in the greater metropolitan area has heard of the ever unpredictable Maxwell and most have met him. But few know very much about him. He was the only Kindred to serve as Malkavian Primogen until passing the title along to his childe. Even the Primogen who know him better than most cannot tell much about him. He is an older looking man with graying hair. He always dresses in the absolute finest clothes, everything from the latest Armani suits to outfits befitting 17th century French royalty to the ceremonial dress attire of high class samurai. The one peculiar thing that unifies the way he dresses is his affinity for hats. The hats are always fancy but rarely match the outfit he is wearing. Maxwell is rumored to be linked with the mysterious Innconu but no proof of this exists.
Maxwell makes it a point to at least meet every single kindred in the city, though he has very few close friends. The only person that can be seen regularly at the mansion is Valor VonTungsten, his childe and the Malkavian Primogen.
Known Hangouts
Maxwell’s mansion, cleverly dubbed “Maxwell House” is located in Tinley Park on the grounds of the Asylum there. He has never been seen off the grounds of the Asylum or Mansion so he is always there. Whether or not you can find him is another story. The Mansion has been there since before the civil war and strangly enough has been called “Maxwell House” since it was built, well before the founding of the Maxwell house coffee company. Whether or not this is a coincidence remains to be seen.
The Opinions of Others
Leon St-Pierre – Prince: “Wisdom does not always come with age”
Amelia Paola – Lasombra Primogen: “He throws the best parties”
Valor VonTungsten – Malkavian Primogen: “This is what happens when you spit in Caine’s eye. Mariachi bands. Scientific fact. I have the numbers. Caine was a jerk. A fictional jerk.”
Leopold – Tremere Primogen:


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